Why You Need the Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 – the same productivity family of applications you’ve relied on for many years – has been known by a few names but gives users the same reliability you’ve come to depend on. From Microsoft Office to Office 365, these productivity apps still offer the dependable features you know in a convenient web-based solution.

Including Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Excel, Teams, and many more, Microsoft 365 now gives you the ability to turn any location into your office, whether you’re using a desktop or laptop computer or your mobile device, like your smartphone on one of the super convenient Microsoft 365 mobile apps.

Anytime, Anywhere

Start a document on your desktop, edit the same document on your laptop, and finalize the same document on your mobile app and then share the document using your email app, or share with colleagues using another Microsoft 365 app like Teams.

Microsoft 365 “follows” you, enabling you to access from anywhere without being tied to a desk. Modern professionals need modern solutions, and Microsoft 365 delivers workplace staples with sophisticated technology to deliver the ideal productivity app suite.

Boost Productivity with Powerful Add-Ons

Microsoft designed Microsoft 365 with efficiency in mind, targeting the ultimate in productivity. Engineers packed every cell with innovation for professionals to maximize efficiency in the workplace. Technology propels your productivity into overdrive with powerful program extensions, called add-ons, which users add to Microsoft 365 applications that customize apps for specific functionality, including:


This handy little add-on helps users find a common time so a group of professionals can meet without wasting time searching multiple calendars. FindTime does exactly as its name promises – all involved can see calendar openings and find one time that works for everyone, minimizing endless back-and-forth emails.


The built-in document and template library with Microsoft Word is great, but Woodpecker lets users create custom templates.


This add-on allows you to take advantage of digital signatures, eliminating time and paper waste from printing pages for the purpose of adding a signature and scanning the pages to an email address or uploading them to an online repository.


Google Translate is extremely handy to translate a website, and this fantastic Microsoft 365 add-on is a major benefit for users. Highlight text and Translator recognizes dozens of languages to offer instant translations for you.


An amazing Microsoft 365 benefit that prevents embarrassing grammatical errors is exactly what the Grammarly add-on delivers. The free version performs spelling and grammar checks while the paid version gives deeper insights into more improved writing, include a plagiarism detector.

Security with Microsoft 365

Security can be as tight or as lenient as you choose with Microsoft 365, and with users accessing Microsoft 365 through a secure Microsoft account you can have confidence – so long as you apply password best practices to prevent unauthorized access.

Start enjoying the benefits of Microsoft 365 today and leverage the latest technology to turbo-boost your productivity.