Are you going through “Growing Pains” with your current IT Provider? Servcom USA was the answer to this Hydraulics Company’s problem.

Linde Hydraulics Corporation faced a common problem for growing companies, “growing pains” with their previous IT service provider led to insufficient service. They needed IT Support that could keep up with their high volume operating system and a partner who could assist them in implementing an Enterprise Resouce Planning (ERP) solution. Servcom stepped up to the plate and has provided the support they had been searching for.

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Are You Getting Spam Emails That Contain Viruses? A Chemical Manufacturer Was And We Dealt With The Problem Quickly.

Sunbelt Colors is a chemical manufacturing and solvent dye business that depends on their IT to run their business and do research. When a ransomware virus locked up their system for days, they knew they needed a new IT Provider. Servecom has helped Sunbelt secure their systems by taking proactive measures to protect their infrastructure.

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Who Provides IT Relocations In The Charlotte Metro Area For An All-Inclusive Fee? Servcom USA Handles Everything From Start To Finish

From the construction of Affinity Health Center (AHC) in Rock Hill, SC to implementing an Electronic Health Record system, AHC has depended on Servcom USA to provide secure and reliable technology. Servcom continues to provide a high-level design and support system for AHC by essentially serving as their virtual Chief Information Officer.

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A Proactive Approach To Technology Helps Manufacturing Not-For-Profit Get More Out Of Their IT.

When Polymers Center of Excellence (PCE) in Charlotte, NC was struggling with a lack of reliable and responsive support from their Current IT provider they found Servcom USA. Now PCE has the tools and support they needed for continued success.

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