Your Business + Our Expertise = A Winning Combination

Are you tired of IT repair people who just don’t have the necessary skills?

Sick of having your time and money wasted while your employees wait

And wait…

For their computers to work right?

Having true professionals on your side makes a HUGE difference!

The Servcom USA team is not made up of computer enthusiasts who just decided one day to go into business.

We are trained and certified experts.

We have the IT bandwidth to serve the technology needs and solve the IT issues for companies like yours.

But you know that caring for business technology isn’t just about knowing the tech side of how computers, servers, backups, and security works.

Business technology is about making those IT systems work for you!

After all, your IT is the foundation of your business operations.

Your IT is in good hands with the Servcom USA team.

We know business AND business technology.

We will give you and your employees a safe, stable, online working environment, and fortify your business against data loss.

You already have too much on your plate. Let us help you…

Free up time to scale your business, spend more time with your family, or get out for that round of golf!

We know you are too busy to keep up with the demands of IT management and maintenance.

We’ve been there!

Let us be your outsourced IT department, so you can do the things you WANT to do. Call us at (803) 619-1414 or email