Fuel Business Growth Immediately: Simple Strategy

Many people talk and write about how the cloud is a potential infrastructure due to its scalability, budget-friendliness, flexibility, and many more. These are all true, but they all miss the most important thing about the cloud. It helps to accelerate business growth in myriad ways.

There are no comprehensive statistics about the number of businesses currently using cloud-based solutions. But the figures involve around 50% of companies worldwide that formally apply cloud-based applications in their IT infrastructures.

The adoption increases by day with the changes seen taking place in business marketing strategies. Another key driver for the increased use of cloud technology is its potential to offer robust security to business. Here, we look at the different ways cloud technology will help you boost business growth.

What is Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology is a subscription model service that is on-demand, and you pay for resources used every month. The resources include various products such as Microsoft 365 and other virtual servers that you need for your business processes.

The cloud has powerful technologies that are always available at the fingertips of the IT department. Still, users can access it using any device, from anywhere at fast speeds, using simple web browsers.

To start using the cloud business, providers like Microsoft are the most renowned cloud providers globally. Companies invest billions in secure servers with well-equipped data protection to ensure their clients have the best services on the cloud.

Cloud reduces business downtime instead of using on-premise servers that are susceptible to vandalism and sometimes natural occurrences. Servers for the cloud are located all over the world.

Top Ways Cloud Supports Business Growth

Cloud Technology Adapts To Change

The current world is fast changing with new developments in technology and changing customer demands. A business must keep up with such rapid changes or lose customers to other companies adapting to such changes.

A recent survey found out that in the next six to 12 months, about 77% of businesses are migrating to the cloud and extending their existing data warehouse. Such figures push every business to welcome the idea of cloud technology as the best way to keep their business operating effectively.

Also, COVID-19 changed the way people live, interact, and do business. Companies need to rethink their operations and adapt to the needs of the workforce and customers. They need to have hybrid workplaces where employees can work both remotely and on-site to maximize productivity.

Previously, employees needed to have a desk and PC to start working in business. With cloud technology, the desk is virtual. Employees can be anywhere in the world, helping to eliminate issues that come with onboarding processes. It is easy to shape the employee pool and support growth. The increased domestic and integrated workforce in a hybrid environment helps invest in talent that would not be available without the cloud.

Cloud Allows For Seamless Collaboration

The use of emails to send and receive documents leads to the wastage of quality time required for other business-critical activities. The cloud allows your workforce to work in unison and keep everything in centralized locations. They can also update documents in real-time.

Other tools are available to corroborate all business operations on one platform. Any remote workers can get virtual connections with their teams using the tools. They can also assess any cloud resources they require from the central locations.

Businesses can also extend collaboration to partners who are outside the company and the supply chain. They have appropriate access control and connection via cloud technologies. The company doesn’t need to send any documents to various employees or anyone in the supply chain who has access to their cloud.

Such activities increase speed and productivity since they free up your employees, they can focus more on customers and ensure they generate more revenue, leading to accelerated business growth.

Clouds Support Innovation

Most people use cloud technology due to its high scalability. You can add anything that will be more beneficial to your business in a few simple clicks. This is contrary to the traditional servers where you have to invest in new hardware, and the processes need time and money. Sometimes the hardware did not work and would go to waste.

With cloud technology, you avoid such issues since you can first experiment to see if a solution works for you. You remove any risk of getting technology that will not help in the general production of your company.

Businesses can undergo a significant transformation that leads to growth without planning budgets, time, and resource constraints. They can revamp resources even on busy days rather than invest in expensive hardware materials they would need to purchase during high demand.

Businesses Get Powerful Real-Time Data with Cloud

Businesses need real-time data to help in making accurate decisions and offering their customers tailored services. Cloud technologies allow for the collection and analysis of real-time data. It uses machine learning to provide robust data analytics and tools the business can trust in making decisions.

Also, any infrastructure such as medical devices, machinery components, or even manufacturing production lines connects with the cloud quickly for effective and accurate data collection. The management uses this data to inform their decision-making process and use it as the basis for setting up the business dictionary.

It will help identify all overlying weaknesses in the systems and areas of strength the business can focus on for effective business expansion. The data is also secure in the cloud to enable fast recovery in case of breaches or natural disasters. It will enhance business continuity and better growth due to the availability of high-quality data.

Wrap Up

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to deploying to the cloud. Leaders need to ensure their choices support their business goals and align with the organizational culture. They need to form a careful rollout that will mean better results, great acceptance, and higher satisfaction in the bottom line.

Therefore, contact us at Servcom USA, to help make the right decisions about migrating to the cloud.