Full-Coverage IT Services for Every Client We Partner With: That’s the Servcom Guarantee

Regardless of the shape or size of your business or your IT needs and challenges, Servcom USA has you covered top to bottom!

Servcom USA believes that our partnership with your business should be one of mutual benefit. Because of this core value, we have chosen to include all of our dynamic and strategic support services in one, all-encompassing service package, available to every client we work with.

This means that your IT needs are covered at every endpoint and you get everything you need for a predictable monthly price. No different tiers of service, no hidden or extra costs. Our approach is simple – we take care of each one of our managed services clients the same: full-coverage support and value-packed service for an affordable and fixed monthly rate.

Managed IT Services In Rock Hill, SC & Charlotte, NC

Our Standard Managed IT Services package is available to businesses and organizations of all kinds. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all our clients get everything they need and more. So, we’ve built a comprehensive managed service plan, suited to cover the IT needs of any organization.

The Servcom USA Standard Managed Service Plan includes:

  • Any labor from our team of technicians and service professionals
  • Strategic support from a designated Account Manager and Technology Consultant
  • Reliable and responsive helpdesk and phone support
  • Dynamic and versatile remote help from industry professionals
  • Efficient and professional on-site support whenever you need it

Forget about:

  • Hidden costs or fine print loopholes
  • Specialized project fees
  • Unpredictable, inefficient, and unresponsive support
  • Mismanaged and unsustainable “set it and forget it” strategies
  • Constant worrying and wondering about the state of your network

The Servcom USA Standard is a Service Offering to Fit the Needs of Any Enterprise

At Servcom USA, we’ve moved away from different levels of service. The way we see it, the needs of every client we work with are just as important to us as the next. So, that’s why we’ve created our Standard Managed Services plan which can offer considerable benefits to large or small enterprises in every industry. Better yet, our Standard plan operates on a month to month basis – meaning you’re not trapped in an annual or multi-year contract.

Here’s everything that’s included in our Standard Managed IT Services plan:

  • Network Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Top-of-the-Line Network Security
  • Proactive Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
  • Strategic Consultation & Planning
  • Reliable On- & Off-Site Support

The Servcom USA Trifecta: Proactivity, Efficiency, Transparency

Simply put, our relationship with each client we work with is the foundation of our success. So, our incentive to ensure every client feels supported and well-serviced is strong. As such, the Servcom USA team is committed, above all else, to making sure every client receives the full-service experience they deserve. The way we see it, we get the privilege of acting as an internal IT department for every enterprise we partner with.

To ensure every client is taken care of, Servcom USA is committed to three things above all others:

  • Responding quickly and appropriately to all client questions, needs, or concerns
  • Communicating honestly with every client about expectations and timelines, and explaining clearly why the right fix is always better than the quick fix.
  • Remaining strategic and proactive and keeping our clients informed every step of the way.

But What About Your Beloved Hardware Set Up? Or the Long-Used Software Solutions You Rely on?

Keep them! Many IT providers who offer fully managed service contracts want you to do it on their terms. They’ll urge you to change up software platforms or even install an entirely new hardware infrastructure to better suit their service plans.

Servcom USA does not force you into any technology decisions that you don’t want to do. Although we do offer hardware and software solutions and will consult with you concerning the most appropriate tools your requirements, you are free to maintain the driver’s seat when it comes to the final choice. You own your IT infrastructure, we manage and support it – it’s that simple!

Connect With Your Rock Hill & Charlotte IT Services Professionals

Ready to kiss unresponsive and inefficient IT support goodbye? Wondering how your organization can take advantage of the Servcom USA Standard Managed Services plan? Don’t hesitate! Contact the Servcom USA team today at (803) 619-1414 or drop us a line anytime.