Congratulations on 15 Wonderful Years with Servcom USA, Jennifer!

Celebrating the service, dedication, and work ethic of Servcom USA Office Manager, Jennifer Davis

The entire Servcom USA team is pleased to congratulate our Office Manager, Jennifer Davis, on 15 years of service. Jennifer is the most senior non-ownership employee and is responsible for client relationship management, shipping/receiving, accounts receivable, and of course, planning all of our amazing parties. Simply put, Jennifer is the backbone of our organization.

We decided to surprise Jennifer with this tribute to show her how thankful we are for her commitment to our team and how much her hard work, creative flair, and positive outlook are appreciated. We reached out to our team to get their feedback on just how much of a difference Jennifer makes in the Servcom USA office. Here’s what our team had to say.

Jennifer wears multiple hats to keep the office running smoothly

Our entire team agreed on this right away: Jennifer handles so many critical elements of our business – we would be lost without her. She handles so much and always keeps everything organized for the rest of the team.

“Jennifer does so much on a daily basis to help keep this company running strong, and to support the other members of Team Servcom USA. I truly cannot imagine where we would be without her. Jennifer deserves every bit of praise and support we can give her, and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.”  Michael Henrich

“Jennifer is our longest-serving employee which makes her more of a family member than an employee. I’m really proud of Jennifer’s work for Servcom USA. Not only does she juggle a diverse set of tasks, but she brings a joy and creativity to her job that are hard to find.” William Rogers

Jennifer’s brings a bright and optimistic presence to the office

In addition to being a superstar in so many different departments, Jennifer manages to do it all while still bringing a positive and contagious attitude to the office. Our entire team agreed that Jennifer’s upbeat and optimistic approach has such a positive effect on our whole team – and our clients!

“Jennifer has always been an exceptional part of our team and one I am happy to work with every single day. From my first day on the job I felt welcomed and like part of the family because of her cheerful and optimistic personality.” Michael Henrich

“Jennifer never fails to lighten up the mood of the office when she arrives. Even when she’s having a bad day, she keeps things positive for the rest of us.”  Glenn Williams

“Regardless of what you’re working on, if Jen is in the office or if you’re out in the field working with her, you will ALWAYS benefit from working with Jennifer. She always makes it fun and she’s always a pleasure to be around…. The clients love her and we all love her. Jennifer is awesome!”  Bradley Shirer

Jennifer always goes the extra mile

Another amazing thing about Jennifer is her commitment to always going above-and-beyond – for her colleagues and for Servcom USA clients. Jennifer’s innate creativity and passion make her the perfect ambassador for our team and the perfect point of contact for our client base – who love her just as much as we do.

“She is amazing at customer relations. She has been managing our thank-you program for years, and is still finding unique, clever, and fun ways to let our clients know how much we appreciate them. This year, she arranged for a coffee truck to provide free hand-made coffee drinks for one of our clients. And I got person thank-yous from several clients who received her Halloween baskets – those are getting to be famous!” William Rogers

Cheers to an Incredible 15 Years Jennifer – We Would be Lost Without You!

Jennifer, from our entire team to you, congratulations on this incredible milestone of 15 years with Servcom USA. We couldn’t ask for a better Office Manager, friend, or family member. You mean so much to our entire team and to all of our clients and we couldn’t be more grateful for all that you do. We’re lucky to have such a hardworking and passionate professional in our corner. Thank you & congratulations!